Monday, June 27, 2011

Touch-Up Those Roots in No Time

Who wants to worry about  gray roots? Sure, there are root touch-up kits but they require you apply, rinse (and in some cases, shampoo). Supposing you notice when you are almost ready to leave for an appointment or festive occaision?  TouchBack offers real hair color in a travel-friendly marker. No matter where your travels take you this summer, keep grays at bay with TouchBack is a mistake-proof marker designed to camouflage gray between salon visits. The ultra-portable marker is the perfect way to instantly touch up color on the go, letting you focus on fun and forget about your roots.

TouchBack delivers true, temporary hair color on contact. The pocket-sized, beveledFiber Flow™ applicator makes for easy application when you want it, where you want it. Unlike mascara and crayons,TouchBack won’t flake or rub off with brushing. TouchBack bonds to the hair in a minute and stays true until shampooed out. The marker is available ineight shades that blend perfectly with permanent color.
Rich Black, Ash Blonde, Dark Brown, Golden Blonde, Medium Brown, Light Auburn,Light Brown Dark Auburn

TouchBack makes covering roots an easy part of your routine. Gentle ingredients—no harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide—leave hair looking and feeling natural.TouchBack is compatible with all styling products, so you can brush, gel, and spray away.

TO USE: Slide the skin-shielding comb under dry hair as close to the scalp as possible, then applyTouchBack to gray roots. For resistant gray hair, hold the marker on the hair for a few seconds to deposit additional color. To remove color, just shampoo. The sugg. retail price is $29.99 but, this isn't a use it once product.  You can re-cap the "marker" to use again another time.

WHERE TO FIND IT: and all Ulta stores.

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